Title: UnknownThe Most Riveting Story
Artist: UnknownHarry Styles
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I’d been on a bike ride, and I was returning a bike I’d rented, to the shop. And then I got a call saying that we were #1. And um, I think I didn’t really hear it properly cause I had a man shouting at me, cause I was holding the bike wrong.. and the chain had fallen off. And it was a bit hectic. And then I put the phone down, gave the bike back, and then I was like…”sick.” 

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can we talk about LOUIS TOMLINSON the kid who failed his a levels the first time, the kid who was told by his teachers he would never amount to anything, the kid who got fired from every job, the kid who never took anything seriously because he was too afraid to fail, singing so sweetly and earnestly, “I think I’m gonna win this time” and “I won’t give up this time” and “I change my luck”

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